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Joan Saunders was a woman whose heart was open to all creatures, great and small. Seeing even the simple act of a kitten playing with a pine cone gave her joy, peace, and a burning desire to embrace all of the world’s innocent animals. In her memory, and in her name, we are dedicating our time to the rescue, rehabilitation, and relocation of injured or abandoned rabbits. This is not an endeavor that came to us suddenly, we instead were led to it by Joan’s dear friend, Antoinette Monod. Annie is the president, primary caregiver, and heart and soul of the Warren Peace Bunny Sanctuary. Thanks to her hard work and effort, over the past two years over 70 rabbits and guinea pigs have found a safe and happy home, and countless people have been enlightened on the unique needs of these animals, as well as their plight. It was with her support and encouragement that we began the Refuge, and her continuing help allows us to grow in both size and experience every day. Our Refuge will continue to run under the auspices of the Warren Peace Sanctuary, and with a little luck and a lot of help, will be as much of a success. The rabbits and guinea pigs at the Sanctuary are permanent residents, and are available for sponsoring to anyone who feels they wish to do so. This entails a small monthly donation, and in exchange the sponsor is, in effect, the animal’s "parent", entitled to photos, updates, and visits with their little furry friend. You are welcome to visit our website or call any of us personally to learn more about the great help sponsoring one small animal can be. As for the Refuge, we specifically care for rabbits that need medical or psychological rehabilitation of some kind. Our rabbits will be helped to reach a healthy and happy stage in their lives, and will then be adopted out to approved homes. All of our adoptees will go to their new homes accompanied by a concise and well-researched packet of information on how to help them stay happy and healthy, and anyone adopting a rabbit from us will always be welcome to come back with questions or concerns. Please help us in honoring the memory of Joanie, and allow these innocent creatures to benefit from the incredible love she had for all those who cannot speak for themselves.